#SCBDReview: Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer Belt


With the new year a lot of people have a New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym and get in shape and if trimming your waist is one goal I may have something that can help. 


The Gold’s Gym Waist Trimmer Belt is design to help you shed excess water and slim your waist down fast. Feel the burn as the soft rubber foam material works to heat your mid section, helping fat burn away, creating a lean, chiseled look. When combined with regular exercise, results appear more quickly. In addition to reducing belly fat, this waist trimmer can also be worn under normal clothing to give the appearance of tight abs until your abs are exactly where you want them. Thin enough to use in public and compact for on the go. The Gold’s Gym Belt can be used to relieve muscle pain and fatigue when back pain plagues you. This Gold’s Gym Belt can be used above clothing or directly on skin depending on user preference. It can fit up to a 50 inch waist.


When you take to belt off you can visually see all the sweet that has come off your body, well using it. The belt work with you as you work out and you can feel it. At times I get to hot that I have to take my jacket off. 


After using for about a month I can see a difference my abs are more toned and after my workouts I can feel the burn long after I take the belt off. I sometimes have backaches and when I use the belt after working out my back is fine the rest of the day. The product will work with you not against you. 

For something that was $5 at Walmart it was $5 well spend. 

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