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I love North Jersey, the food scene is ridiculous in the best way. So many innovative chefs always coming up with something new for their customers. One of my favorite restaurants is in Bloomfield, The Orange Squirrel


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Chef Francisco Palmieri studied at CIA and worked at Windows of the World before opening The Orange Squirrel! Chef Palmieri has you covered with fun, innovative Modern American menu! If you are into artisanal, hand crafted and fun cocktails this is the place for you! 

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I came in with my friend Emily this time for a little ladies night and we decided to each start with the Corpse Reviver cocktail which was refreshing and delish! If you haven’t had a Corpse Reviver I highly recommend you try it. It has Gin, Cointreau and orange liqueur in it. It’s def a new favorite drink of mine!

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Next, Chef sent out our first of many delish courses to check out! Our first course was this beautiful Poached Pear Salad with baby spinach! It paired beautifully with our cocktails too. If you love tartare as much as I do then this is the place for you to get it. We tried the tuna tartare which was nothing but amazing! My portion was served with some wonton chips which were also really good. 

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Chef Palmieri believes cauliflower is the next food trend and I think he’s onto something. Our next course was tempura cauliflower with three sauces. They all went with it perfectly! After the cauliflower, our main dish was served which was the Wing Skate. Skate is a fish, that is small and almost looks like a blow fish. It had the consistency of chicken and tasted great served over braised baby beet tops. We also had a side of the broccolini and brussel sprouts! We also paired this wit a great Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

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Last, we finished off strong trying two of The Squirrel’s signature desserts, the dirt of the month which was Cocoa Cold – milk chocolate and marshmallow, Winter White- Madagascar Vanilla and Graham Crackers, and last Black Forest- dark chocolate and raspberry! They were all phenonmenal. We also had the chocolate mousse balls which were an experience in themselves!!! Amazing and delish!

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If you are looking for a meal that is a bit out of the box, that will fill you up and excite your tastebuds, The Orange Squirrel is most definitely a destination to put on your list! You will not be disappointed! Tell them Sara, the Small Chick sent you! 



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