#SCBDReview: Attack Your Mac n Cheese craving [email protected] in #RedBank

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When we walked into Mac Attack Cheesery I just knew I was in for a great meal. There were families and couples, young and old. What restaurant could attract a crowd like this and not be great?

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Arlene and  I went to check it out and we loved it! We sat down and the first hot item we devoured. It was the Manchego and Apple Grilled Cheese. I don’t know if this sounds good to you, but I think I could have eaten 3 or 4 of those sammies by myself, just sayin’. Both of us loved it!!!

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Next was the Smoked Chicken Mac, Cheddar, Gouda and BBQ Chicken make this a tremendous item. The cheesiness and the BBQ sauce leave you wanting for more.

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 We tried the Mozzarella sticks, which are made fresh there. Now fresh Mozzarella is so different from the store bought, we knew we were in for another treat. These turned out to be more of Mozzarella Moons, from the way they were cut from the fresh Mozzarella, but that just made them so much better! It was pure melty cheese in each bite. 

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This is a reasonably priced restaurant.  The only item over 13.99 was the Lobster Mac. We loved the food and the fast casual atmosphere. Since so much is made right there, one has to be a bit patient and allow for some cooking time, but it is so worth the short wait. You won’t be disappointed. It’s great if you are looking for a nourishing, satisfying meal that won’t break the budget. Who doesn’t love some comfort food, and its right in the heart of Red Bank!

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