#SCBDReview: Cooking with Colman’s Mustard


 Let me start off by saying who knew you could incorporate mustard into so many dishes and it would taste outstanding! If there is one thing i took out of this cooking class it was that you can incorporate  mustard with almost anything!


I had the amazing opportunity to attend a cooking class at Haven’s Kitchen. The cooking class was hosted my Colman’s mustard. Guests enjoyed a night of wine, relaxation and delicious food. We joined with some of the Colman’s team in unleashing the power of mustard in a variety of recipes from appetizers to desserts and even in a cocktail. 


The menu was as follows;

Cocktail:Bloody Mary with a Spicy Mustard Rim (Using the dry mustard powered)

Dips For Crudite and Chicken Wings– Honey Mustard & Mustard and Cheese

Rubs & Sauces for Meats and Vegetables- Dry Rub (BBQ) and A Southern California Style Rub

Dessert: Mustard-Spiced Stout Cake with Roasted Pears 

After Prepping all of the ingredients with fellow foodies we were able to network as well as enjoy our fabulous meal that we had just prepared and cooked. Some of my favorites of the night were the skirt steak with the dry rub and the Mustard-Spiced Stout Cake with Roasted Pears who knew you could put mustard into cake!


These recipes are great for tailgating parties as we as whenever you have company over. Colman’s mustard has been around since 1814. Their main products include a dry mustard powder and a prepared mustard. Their Prepared Mustard comes in a jar as well as a squeezable jar.  

 For Recipes and more information about the Colman’s brand be sure to check out their website: http://colmansusa.com/

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