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Applebee’s is a great nationwide restaurant chain that offers affordable and tasty food items. They always have offered a lot of classics like burgers, chicken fingers, and fries. However, lately they have been becoming more innovative and created some great new menu options.


Sara and I were invited recently to try some of these new menu items and definitely were excited! We always are up for appetizers and the sweet potato fries sounded delicious! They came with three unique sauces which were sriracha chili lime, BBQ bacon ranch, and maple-flavored cream cheese sauce. They were all very different sauces but they paired well with the sweet potato fries. We both agreed that the sriracha chili lime was the best, as it gave the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

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The main new addition to their menu was 4 new burgers, which they call All-in Burgers. This includes mushroom swiss, the American standard, triple bacon burger, and sweet Asian pineapple. The unique part about these burgers is that the flavor was not only on top of the burger, but also seared in. It’s a great way to get more flavor packed into the burgers! I decided to try the sweet Asian pineapple burger and Sara got the triple bacon burger. We always love the toppings and flavor in our burgers! I loved the sweet pineapple flavor seared in my burger. A sweet Asian chile sauce was put on top as well to balance out the sweet with some spiciness. It was definitely not your ordinary burger!

unnamed (2)

As well as having the new burger menu, Applebee’s debuted a few new cocktails. With the growing popularity of whiskey, they added an old-fashioned, whiskey smash, and Fireball whiskey lemonade. Fireball is a favorite for both of us so we knew we needed to try the Fireball whiskey lemonade! To balance out the strong cinnamon flavor with the sourness of the lemonade, strawberry is added to make it a little more sweet and balance the flavor out. It goes down easy and we loved it! The new menu items are definitely worth checking out and we love the affordability of Applebee’s. It’s definitely a great place to go with friends for a great deal for lunch or dinner!


In honor of their new menu items we are giving away dinner for two at Applebee’s!! All you have to do is follow @smallchickbigdeals & @applebees on Instagram. Comment on our photo of what we ate with why you’d like to win. Winner will be picked on February 23rd by 8pm.

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