#SCBDRecipe: Fried Pork Belly & Polenta with Veggies


If you know me, I’ve become a total foodie over the past three years. I’ll eat almost anything and maybe its because I am half Colombian, but I love pork belly. A few weeks ago I challenged myself to make it for myself when I saw it was decent priced at the store I had to get it, no questions asked. 

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Pork belly can work with numerous cuisines and is either deep fried or fried. I decided to fry it lately on a saute pan. Here’s my simple and competely delish recipe.


– 1 lb package of pork belly from the met section

– 1 package of pre-cooked polenta

– onions

– tomatoes


–  minced garlic



– splash of your favorite white wine


  1. Put some EVOO in a saute pan and keep it low-medium heat. While it warms up cut your pieces of pork belly in half. Start dicing your tomatoes and cutting your onions. Put them in the pan. Let them soften then add the spinach. Put your pork belly on the pan and let it cook until the pink turns a nice white this should take 3-5 minutes on each side. Pork belly is fat so it cooks quickly. 
  2. Take your pork belly off the pan and let it sit on a hot plate. Cut the polenta into thin round slices. I cut about 5-6. Put in on the pan with the veggies and let it fry quickly for 2-3 minutes each side.
  3. Then plate it however you’d like. I put the polenta slices and veggies around the pork belly! 
  4. Enjoy! Buon Appetit! It’s simple, healthy and delish! I could not stop eating it!


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