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A few months ago I had the opportunity to interview fellow Jersey Girl, Jaime Primak Sullivan before the premiere of her show, Jersey Belle on Bravo! Since then she has started an amazing series on her Facebook, #CawfeeTawk which is great advice, amazing perspective, and has an amazing following! I listen to it almost daily! She also just recently launched her State of Style jewelry line starting with necklaces of almost every state. I got to speak with her and get the scoop on how it all started and what her expectations are for the line! It’s pretty exciting!


SCBD: Hi Jaime, thanks for giving me the scoop on your new line! I love the New Jersey pendant already. What made you come up with the State of Style line?

JPS: I’ve never been known for my style. I own two leather jackets, one I’ve had since high school and another from Zara. And I am a little bit of a shoe addict. But I love my Jersey state pendant. It keeps me connected to my home state. I wanted to make the line affordable, elegant and budget friendly. I also feel that these necklaces can be a staple and work with any outfit. Especially for women like me who may not change their jewelry often.

I was fortunate to work with a jeweler from New Jersey, Chelsea Taylor. I worked with the owner, Drew Shapiro and we came up with a jet black also known as the black crystal and clear crystal pendant. 

I’m very excited and passionate about the project. We have pendants for every state and some states even have university options. Eventually we plan on having a full out accessory line.

SCBD: What are your goals for State of Style?

JPS: We want to make a product that is not only good quality but is a staple and can be worn all the time.

SCBD: Where did the idea come from?

JPS: I was wearing my pendant when I’d film CawfeeTawk and people kept asking me where I got my pendant from, so I decided to start my own company. Everywhere I went I would get compliments from New York to LA. It’s definitely my taste because it’s a bit edgy.  I couldn’t find any retailers online I liked so I got in touch with Chelsea Taylor and the rest is history.

SCBD: What’s one thing you want to say to your Jersey followers like myself?

JPS: My Jersey followers are ride or die and I love it! Also they should come out and see me at The American Hotel this Saturday for CawfeeTawk live!!

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Well ladies and gents that’s the scoop on Jaime’s new line. She’s even offering a special discount for SCBD readers if you use the code PRELAUNCH for 10% off (in the flyer below).

Here’s to repping our states!

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