#SCBDFavorite: [email protected]’s 2015 Power Mix on @Spotify



Hey readers!

If you didn’t know I love music. Sometimes I’m surprised I don’t have a music blog or incorporate more with the brand but I promise it’ll happen more. During my day job I am always listening to Spotify! So I thought I’d let you all get to know me a bit better by sharing my playlists with you!


I call this playlist my 2015 Power Mix. I usually start around 10am after I’m done hearing my alternative playlist so my mind is ready to do everything in store for the day. I call that first playlist, Feed Your Soul and I’ll share it soon enough.

I always loved hip-hop growing up so you’ll see a lot of hip-hop new and old and dance music in this playlist.  I have everything from Ciara to Fifth Harmony to old school Jigga! 

Well enjoy and stay tuned for my next playlist! If you like it feel free to follow along on Spotify!

XO Sara

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