#SCBDExclusiveInterview: Chris Harisiades from Champion Fit Program LLC


So, I had an opportunity to chat with 19-year-old Chris Harisiades from Champion Fit Program LLC. It was a pleasure learning about this fitness program and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape!



SCBD:  How did you get into health & fitness?

Chris:  I got into health and fitness when I started working out at a small gym in Phoenixville PA, around 7 years ago. The staff there was incredibly supportive and really motivated me to achieve my fitness goals. My trainer, Jason Heflin, an MMA fighter and coach at a sports performance gym in Spring City PA, taught me the essentials of weight training, weight loss, and boxing. I moved to New Jersey the following year so I had to leave the gym, but they had put me on the right track towards healthy and fit living.

Tell us about this Champion Fit Program. How did you create it and how long did it take?           

The Champion Fit Program is a comprehensive system that is comprised of all the programs that we offer. This includes a 10 week, 3 phase weight training program, a cardio program, an on-the-go program, and a nutrition guide. Each program is designed to work hand in hand to achieve maximum results. However, the main component of the Champion Fit Program is the weight training program, which is the Champion Muscle Program. The Champion Muscle Program is divided into 3 phases, each with a specific purpose. The reason for the phases is to continually change the intensity and nature of the demands imposed upon the user.

This is so their body will not be able to adapt fully to the workouts, which would inhibit good progress, as stated in the SAID Principle. The first phase revolves around basic weight lifting movements, (i.e. bench, squat, dead lift etc..) to improve overall strength in the user. This prepares them for phase 2, where the workouts become more complex to bring out muscle definition. This leads into the 3rd and last phase, where the weight training routines heavily revolve around complex movements (i.e. super sets, drop sets, high intensity training etc..), to really carve out the user’s physique.           

What advice do you tell others to help them stay motivated?           

Stick with it!

Although it seems tough now, just continue to workout and eat right and I promise you the results will come in time. It may seem as if results aren’t showing up, I was there once too, but they will come before you know it. And once you get there the feeling of achievement is incredible.

For more info, visit his Facebook page or website!


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