#SCBDInterview: Deanna Saracino of La Cle Jewelry


We love jewelry at Small Chick Big deals, and especially when it’s unique jewelry from an inspiring entrepreneur. La Cle is a jewlery line started by the talented Deanna Saracino from Ottawa Canada, and now residing in Washington DC. Their mission, as told on their website, is to look good, feel good, and do good. Deanna makes vintage keys into necklaces and dips them into one of 15 different colors available. The fifteen colors all have different meanings and it’s up to you to decide which represents you best! It’s a a great daily reminder to wear to make yourself feel good. The best part is when the color on the key fades away, you are left with something Deanna calls the Naked Key. If you post a picture of your key with #nakedkey, a donation will be made in your honor to the charity of your choice! It’s such an easy way and fun way to give back. I had the chance to interview Deanna and she was so sweet. Check it out below!


SCBD: What inspired you to start La Cle?

Deanna: I decided to start La Clé after my career shifted and I realized I finally wanted to take a leap professional at being my own boss full time. I really wanted to challenge myself to start my own business where I could create a brand that not only I could get behind and be proud of. A company that I had complete creative control and that I could be in charge of my own destiny. It was really important to also create a company that could give back and serve as a empowering idea for people who get behind it as well.

SCBD: We love the idea of having a color and the meaning behind it so we have to ask, what is your color?

Deanna: Ahhh! I really do love them all and honestly, I think on any given day my color changes…but usually I gravitate towards the white. That’s one of my favorites.

SCBD: What has been the biggest challenge with La Cle? How have you worked to overcome it?

Deanna: The biggest challenge is doing everything myself. From making the keys, filling the orders, customer service, all our social media, SEO & website, design, accounting…the list is endless. I do it all. So by far the biggest challenge is keeping up, and keeping up well. Luckily, one of my strongest traits is organization, time management and multi-tasking. I somehow always find a way to get it done. I leave very little room for excuses. I just bear down and get it done. I want every customer getting an excellent experience when they buy any of our products! That is our top priority.


SCBD: How has social media helped you in the growth of the company?

Deanna: It’s helped immensely! Especially when you work with a small budget like we do. It’s a slow trickle effect of reaching people day by day, but it is the most effective type of marketing there is today when you are trying to be lean. You can reach people instantaneously with images and information that can mold their judgement very quickly. I feel very lucky to have learned so much in this department over the years and have been able to utilize it to my advantage. It’s the hardest part of the job. Being consistent with your social media outlets, posting everyday, engaging with your fans, creating new content. It’s an endless cycle and I think this is where most people fail. It’s hard to keep up and do it every day. I get most satisfaction with doing this everyday, because it’s very obvious when sales start coming in, that it is in large part due to your hard work and consistency. It pays off!

SCBD: What has been the most rewarding aspect of having your own business?

Deanna: I think the most rewarding part has been the overwhelming positive feedback from people. To hear their stories, what their key means to them, their favorite colors. I just love all the great feedback I get when people learn what La Clé is all about. It’s very humbling and rewarding to know you’ve created something people love. It makes you want to work that much harder to impress them again.

FullSizeRender (3)

SCBD: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Deanna: Your success will come down to hard work, passion & over time. If you work really, really hard over a long period of time, it will pay off.

SCBD: What are you plans for the future of the company?

Deanna: So many ideas run through my head daily. I want to continue to expand the line. Especially with apparel. We will be launching cards and journals this spring as well as continuing to expand our jewelry line. I am open to all pivots the business takes, but I want to stay true to being able to give back and giving all our customers the opportunity to make a difference in their own way.

So now we have to ask you, what is your color? Make sure you check out La Cle to see all of their amazing pieces at laclejewelry.com and you can find them on social media as well! We hope you love it as much as we do!

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