#SCBDReview: A winter visit to Schneider’s- German like you don’t find anymore


So, it was the night before Valentine’s Day and as the winter was going, they were predicting bad weather for Valentine’s Day. Therefore, we decided to go out just in case we couldn’t make it elsewhere on Valentine’s Day.
This was my choice and I decided on Schneider’s German-American Restaurant in Avon-by-the-sea.
Schneider’s has been around a long time. The original owners are there and their daughter is one of the waitresses, complete in a German Dirndl. This restaurant is a well-oiled machine.

They seem to love to decorate for the holidays, so it was no surprise that there were pink hearts everywhere!
When you walk in they almost always let you site where you’d like. We chose a table not far from the REAL fireplace. The at Schneider’s is rather unique. Of course there are steins along a wall, however another wall is adorned with license plates and another with ballooning memorabilia. And I can’t neglect the white branch tree that gets decorated according to holiday. We asked about a few of the special and of course their special deserts. (More about that later).
In order to save room for their deserts we chose to split one appetizer. It had to be their famous potato pancakes. I had forgotten they are heart-shaped. Now, since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, when they came to the table there was an audible “AWW”. Not only were they adorable, but also they were “old world” tasty.

 For our main course dishes we ordered and one of the 3 Reuben choices. The sauerbraten came with 2 sides. My companion chose the dumplings and red cabbage. This sauerbraten was so tender you did not need a knife, and a plentiful portion as well. The dumplings were light as air and the red cabbage sweet, yet tangy. My Reuben had corned beef that was sliced the thinnest I have ever seen. It just added so much to a great dish to begin with. Delish!
Luckily, we had saved room for some of their famous deserts. That day they had made their cherry cheese strudel. Undeniably this is the best around. You just don’t get this attention to taste detail to desserts AND a great meal at many places. Here, you do. The butter, the flakey pastry, cheese and fruit…. if your mouth isn’t watering now, or you are not putting on your coat to go to Schneider’s, then I’m doing something wrong.

We heard people talking about he desserts as we walked in and I asked the waitress about it. She explained if there was something you really wanted to end your meal with, you could let them know and they would put it aside for you so it would be there when your meal ended. Talk about service!
I don’t know of any restaurant that does that for the common folk.
For my desert, I chose one of their pies, the Key Lime. Beautiful, sweet, tart, delicate crust. I know, you’re asking, why pie? Well, their pies are exceptional and shhh…..the Apple Strudel was gone for the night, when it’s gone, its gone. Can’t beat fresh.
As we were given our check, I was given a pink wood rose. An undying memory of a sweet night spent at Schneider’s .

Schneider’s German American Restaurant
801 Main St.
Avon-by-the-sea, NJ

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