#SCBDFavorite: @JessicaDanto Checks out Glaze Artisan Donuts


Being a Lover of Chocolate and sweets I was ecstatic to check out Glaze Artisan Donuts. Currently location in New Milford and Ridgewood they have donuts to die for. Walking into the Storefront you will be greeted by employees as well as the aroma of freshly baked Donuts. Glaze Features traditional Donuts as well as unique premium flavors such as Maple Bacon, Canoli and more. Donuts are made from scratch every day. Need more convincing? What is better that a Donuts that tastes good and also doesn’t have harmful ingredients. Owner Jule Hazou uses all natural ingredients, with no preservatives, frying the donuts in a zero trans-fat shortening. The recipes are house recipes which include 10 varieties of glazed and numerous specialty/premium flavors.


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