#DealAlert: @BSSBankNJ has a big deal for #GardenStateGrads #ad


In case you didn’t know, saving money is kind of a big deal. Especially if you plan on investing in a house, car, or anything your heart desires!

The best way to start saving is to open an account with Boiling Springs Savings Bank! If you are a student between the ages of 14-23 I’d encourage you to open up a Student Checking Account.  When you open a Student Checking Account with $20.15 or more, he/she will receive a $20.15 interest bonus deposit from Boiling Springs Savings Bank in addition to the initial deposit.  It’s super easy and you can find more information and your nearest bank, here



Here are some perks to signing up with them: 

  • No monthly fees
  •  Interest earned on all balances
  •  Free specialty checks or a discount on custom checks
  •  Free online banking
  • Free online bill payment
  •  Free 24-hour telephone banking
  •  Minimum deposit to open account is $1.00
  •  Free transactions at Boiling Springs ATMs with Boiling Springs ATM card or Debit
  • MasterCard
  • Direct deposit
  • Overdraft protection transfer service available
  • At age 23, account will convert to a regular NOW account
  • Boiling Springs Savings Bank will make an interest bonus deposit of $20.15 into all
  • Student Checking Accounts opened with $20.15 or more during the promotion period.

Happy Saving!!!

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