#SCBDRecipe: Enjoy #TacoTuesday with Cilantro Lime Steak Tacos


cilnatro lime 1

Everyone who knows me, knows Taco Tuesday is my day of the week. Whether I’m at home working on my own taco recipe or at Jen’s drinking and making tacos with her. I barely ever miss it. Since I’ve been home working on my craft more.  I had cilantro and limes in the fridge and decided to try making some cilantro lime marinade on my tacos and it came out delicious and is so simple! You can make the steak or protein of choice on the grill or on a saute pan. My steak of choice is skirt steak because its thin and is easy to cook. It also takes in enough flavor of the marinade. This can be used in a steak dish or for your Taco Tuesday fix. 

cilantro lime 2

Marinade Recipe:
2 limes juiced
1/2 cup cilantro 
1 tbsp EVOO


Let your steak or protein of choice marinade in it for 3-12 hours depending on when you are cooking and serving it. Cook up your protein and enjoy! I’ve been working on trying to cook my steak at a nice, happy Medium so it still has all its flavor. 

So go ahead before its too late and throw some meat in the fridge with this marinade, you won’t regret it. Let me know if you try it! It’s definitely going to remain a staple marinade in my house. 

Happy Taco Tuesday 😀 




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