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Recently, we went  to Social 37, to explore the most recent menu additions.

This place is different. Good AND different.

Okay, let me explain myself. When we walked in, the décor caught my eye. There were old cell phones, decorating huge @ and # art on the wall (you remember that flip phone, don’t you?) Well, the idea here is to put it down, share some tasty bites with your companions and be SOCIAL. Then as we sat down, there was the smell of wood burning. That would be the wood burning for the pizza oven. Gotta love that char on the bottom.

social37 salad

Here’s where we started. Sara had the craft beer and I had water, yes, water. Too early for a martini for me that day. Many choices for a first course and we both like the sound of the Blueberry Quinoa Salad, so we decided to share. I thought we would just get a little salad and really need that main course, however, the salad was quite large, could have even shared it with another. It also included goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts and it was in a divine blueberry vinaigrette.


We both liked the same 2 entrees so we decided to order both and split them. We had the Mahi-Mahi and the Duck burger. The Mahi-Mahi was served with a mango salsa and black beans and rice. The mango was at the perfect stage of ripe and the rice was done just right. Gotta appreciate perfect rice, don’t we? The Duck burger, well I could go on and on. I know, you’re thinking, poultry, dry burger or duck, so greasy. Well, you’d be WRONG on both counts. This chef and his team know what they are doing. He makes it a point to have this burger juicy, but not greasy, that’s paying attention to a burger! It was meatier than any beef-based burger I’ve ever had. And you all know I’ve had a few of those in my time. The burger came with a side of frites; think of thinner than your average fry, but more care taken. Your choice is sea salt, garlic herb, garlic aioli or truffle oil. We had the garlic herb, make sure you share so you all have the same delicious breath later. ☺


Their menu is marked with Vegetarian, gluten free, and gluten free with substitution options. I really appreciate that.

They also have been doing some construction in the back of the restaurant and will be opening a ‘Social Seafood’ section that will include a raw bar with fresh ceviches, oysters, clams and more. We’ll keep you in the loop as to when you can check it out and more details on the dishes that will be served.

We got to speak to the Executive Chef, Ryan Solano. I think one particular thing he said explains it well. He was discussing the most recent menu as well as the soon to come summer menu. He said, “ I like to keep it a surprise.” He certainly does that well. I know that I, for one, am looking forward to my next visit to be SOCIAL, at Social 37.


Social 37
2 Route 37 W
Unit B2
Toms River, NJ

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