#SCBDReview: Get Your Burger Fix after the bar at #BennyBurger in Belmar



When I’m not craving tacos or pizza, a good, filling burger is a close second. There is nothing like a good burger after a night out at the bar. I went to Bar A  a few times last summer and as much I love eating at Bar A, sometimes you need to change it up!

I got to speak with the Kitchen Manager, George Cole about newly opened Benny Burger  and get all the details on this hot new place. Benny Burger is located on 1602 Main Street in  will be open a year this July. Everything from the burgers to their fresh cut fries are prepped daily.  The prices are unbeatable– burgers are $2-3 so its definitely budget friendly especially after spending more than enough at the bar.


The burgers have cool names — like The Benny is a burger with caramelized onions, and cheese on a brioche bun, The Belmartian is a Jersey classic with fried pork roll and cheese.  And if you aren’t a meat eater they have a turkey burger option. A basket of their fries is a must and only $5 for  a large.


So next tine you plan on stopping in Belmar whether its to go by the beach or one of the local bars make sure you make Benny Burger one of your stops. Whether its for lunch, dinner, or drunk meal your stomach will surely thank you! Tell them SCBD sent you too!




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