#SCBDReview: Tom + Chee-much more than Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup.


The hottest thing about Tom + Chee is that the only one in NJ is only 10 minutes from my house. It is sitting right in Freehold, NJ on Route 9 in a strip mall.

Weather here was spring nasty. Windy, rainy and bone chilling. Decided it was a day for Tom + Chee. If you are not familiar, this is a casual spot where they are best known for their grilled cheese and tomato soup.


Now, that sounds so simple, but Tom + Chee is far from simple. Oh, yes, you can get a regular grilled cheese and a nice cup of tomato soup. But they actually carry at least 3 kinds of tomato soup as well as some other soups of the day. And their grilled cheese starts with your choice of bread, including a Gluten free one, then you get to pick your cheese and other assorted extras.


My guest and I decided we wanted a salad and a grilled cheese. Yes, I said salad; they also make fine, super fresh salads. My guest had a caprese salad and a grilled cheese on pumpernickel –rye bread with goat cheese and mushrooms. I know, your mouth is watering; it’s had not to. I chose one of their special salads that I had seen on Facebook. It wasn’t on the menu today, but there was no hesitation for them to make it. That was nice. I like a salad with nuts and berries. My grilled cheese was on wheat-berry bread with vegan cheese and tomatoes. It was delish!


When we were almost done eating they brought over a sample of their “French toast” that they had just made. It was their donut bread with a graham cracker and marshmallow. What a tasty treat. They make all sorts of dessert treats with those donuts, as well as making grilled cheese sandwiches on them, too!!!

After we had tried these one of the staff members stopped by or table to see how we liked it. It just so happens that it turned out to be the Manager, Greg Pelissier. He wants everyone to know that Tom + Chee is all about people making choices. The sandwiches here are definitely a personal fit. There is surely something for everyone here.

They also have deal days. Mondays is bring a friend night. Tuesday is ½ price kids. Wednesday is ½ price donuts, and there sure are plenty to choose from. They also have happy hour (food, no booze) from 2-4 each day.

With deals like this and food so fresh, why haven’t you been there already?

They are located at:
3681 US Highway 9 North Freehold, NJ
Mon-Thurs 10:30-7:30
Fri-Sat 10:30-8:PM
Sun 10:30-4:PM

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