#SCBDReflection: Why I’m Proud to be a #Bossbabe



If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been following and am part of the Bossbabe movement. But I’ve been asked what a Bossbabe is. So here it is directly from the site itself…

#BOSSBABE INC. is a lifestyle brand that teaches ambitious millennial business-minded women how to take full personal responsibility over their lives and put their happiness first. 

In a world where we are encouraged to be obsessed with another person’s experience, we challenge young women to be obsessed with their own experiences.

I’ve always been super goal oriented. But I also get my entrepreneur side from my dad. I’d love to build up SCBD to become something bigger and I’m always dream chasing working in the kitchen. Sometimes its been a struggle but I know its just part of the grind and I’m still brand building! I feel like most of the women who are part of Bossbabe can totally understand this. Plus after a long day on the hustle, the quotes on the Bossbabe Instagram account keep me going. I highly recommend you check it out. I think it is a great movement and encouraging to so many of us goal oriented millenial women. 

Well I’ll be back with another reflection soon!

Head Bossbabe of SCBD xo


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