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I’ve been single for about two years now, and going on a two month dry spell (by choice). It feels like so much longer, August is when it’ll hit two years in case your curious. That being said, I’ve gone through a lot. I never thought I’d want to read a book on advice or about being single, not until I started to follow @TheSingleWoman on Instagram and Twitter. Mandy Hale, aka “The Single Woman”, was or better yet is very relatable to me. I’m constantly comforted by her tweets and her Instagram posts make me laugh at times or stop me where I am and really make me think and meditate about my journey. She’s become like another friend who guides from a distance. When I found out she wrote three books I knew at some point I had to get them. So one day, in February before Valentines Day I ordered them via Amazon and haven’t kept my hands off them upon arrival.  


The first book, The Single Woman is just a bit about Mandy’s journey in singleness and truths that every single woman needs to remember at times. It’s definitely a great introduction to her movement.  My favorite has to be her book, I’ve Never Been to Vegas but my Luggage Has. I love it because she is so transparent and real. She tells her journey through her life from career highs and lows to monumental moments in her relationships.  Especially with Mr. E, the ex who never seems to get away. And when he does it not for long. It also includes her testimony and relationship with Jesus. Its awesome to see how her movement grows and how she grows as a person through all her trials. I feel like any woman can really relate to the book single or not.  I don’t want to spoil it for you at all, but i highly recommend it. 

Her latest book came out in February, its called Beautiful Uncertainty. I finally finished it ny April when I was on my month break from work and really got to know myself better. It’s basically a guide to faith and singleness. And how she’s gotten through every season being single. I was going through a tough time in February and March in the dating world and reading the book helped me to stay strong and encouraged my decision to go on a dating fast and not settle. I was falling for the wrong guys who could give a shit about me and didn’t want me for more than just fun. Like a lady like me really needs that? I may even re-read it soon and really fill it out. 

Mandy really knows how to touch her readers and being part of her movement has really changed my life! I can’t wait to see what she does next but I’ll def be following on Insta til then!





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