#SCBDReview: #WineWednesday Montefresco Pinot Grigio


Pinot-Grigio montefresco

I LOVE WINE!!! Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a cold beer and how craft beers are made but wine is my thing.  The past few weeks I’ve been fortunate to try some great wines that have not been too pricey! I’ve been shopping at my local Buy Rite frequently with all my filming, so I came across this lovely Pinot and it was affordable and only $7.99!

It’s a nice light Pinot Grigio from Italy, with light notes of tangerine and pear. So its full of flavor but isn’t too sweet.  It also has a screwcap and is easy to open. It’s great to pair with anything salty like golfish, cheese, crackers!

I’d rate it an 8. I loved it and I will probably get it in the near future. In fact, I almost got it this week again. 

Cheers to wine Wednesday my lovelies!

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