#SCBDInterview: @PBRedBank #TeacherFeature featuring Katie


As you all know my home Pure Barre studio is Pure Barre Red Bank. Over the past three months as an active barre student, I’ve got to learn who some of my favorite instructors are. One of those instructors is Katie.  I was able to interview her to kick off my Pure Barre teacher feature series! Thanks again Katie for working with me on this!


SCBD: How did you get into barre?
Katie: I danced my whole life and cheered throughout college. After I graduated I suddenly had a lot of free time! I liked taking exercise classes, but never stuck with anything for any length of time. When I found Pure Barre in 2014 I was hooked! Pure Barre had elements that reminded me of the things I loved about dancing and cheerleading. The music was loud, the instructors were fun, and I was seeing major changes in my body. 
SCBD: What studio did you start your practice in?
Katie: I began taking classes in Spring Lake which is close to where I live. About six months later I found Pure Barre Red Bank, and the rest is history! The Red Bank studio had an undeniable energy that kept me coming back for more. It felt like a lot of fitness studios in NYC– bigger and better than the rest 🙂 The teachers were exceptional and there was a sense of community. 
SCBD: Why did you want to become an instructor?
Katie: Being a teacher at PB Red Bank gives me the opportunity to be a part of a community again. I was always on a team or part of a dance studio, and I really missed that element of my life. I love helping people achieve their goals and as a teacher I see the clients pushing themselves to new limits. I was also so passionate about Pure Barre. It really is the first and only workout that I have ever stuck to! 
SCBD:  Whats your favorite part about barre?
Katie: This is a hard one! There are so many things I love about Pure Barre. One of my most favorite things is the music. I am so musically driven and a great playlist pushes me so much harder! I also love that Pure Barre works all areas of your body. It’s a one and done kind of workout!
SCBD: What’s your favorite class to teach?
Another hard question! I don’t know that I have a favorite, but there is something great about a full Saturday morning class. The energy is fantastic! You know people really love a workout when they are willing to wake up early on a Saturday morning! I also love my 6am clients. They come to work! Again, if you are waking up at 5am to work out–that’s dedication. As a teacher I am always in awe of the Red Bank clients. 
SCBD: Why do you think someone whose never taken barre should take it?
Katie: I think barre classes are for everyone– that’s what makes them so great. We have clients of all shapes and sizes, clients who are in high school and clients in their 80’s. The energy is high but the impact is low, and that’s why anyone can participate. You will also see big changes in not only your body but also your mind. Pure Barre is 55 minutes you give to yourself. You will leave feeling happier and healthier. 
SCBD: What separates you from the other instructors?
Katie: I think we all have our own style, but I am definitely inspired by all of the ladies that teach at PBRB. I constantly try to change things up so classes feel fresh. I also try my best to think about specific client needs when thinking about what to teach or even what playlist to use. I love connecting with the clients after class and helping them work on form. When clients have that AHA moment– that’s the best! 
Thanks Katie for kicking off our teacher feature interviews on SCBD! Can’t wait to take more of your classes at PBRB! 
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