#SCBDReview: Delish Mexican Brunch at Taqueria Mexico 2 in Framingham, MA



As you all know I have a history of working in a professional kitchen and it’s one of the many life experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world. My heart and soul can be found making a dish or a drink. Last year I was fortunate to connect with many fellow up and coming and highly skilled chefs who are part of the #TRUECOOKSFAM movement, including Beau. Beau (aka @yadaimsayin on Insta) is currently head chef & consultant at Taqueria Mexico 2 in Framingham, Mass and is cooking up a Mexican storm that will make your palate do the salsa. 


He invited Mama SCBD & I there to try the new brunch menu and lets just say we left full and not disappointed. If you live in Massachusetts, especially that area you need to go! We tried everything from the Johnny Cakes to the Sweet Potato Hash (which has pork belly so I was in heaven), and more. It was all incredibly affordable. C’mon who doesn’t want tacos for breakfast? I’m getting so hungry just thinking about it. I definitely will be visiting and who knows maybe I’ll be making an appearance behind the bar? Yes, there is a bar in the restaurant and you should try the Cafe Loco while you’re brunching! It was so hard to pick a favorite dish because everything was amazing in different ways and full of flavor.

I wish I could go back this weekend! Make sure you check it out if you are out in the Boston area, grab some tacos and a fresh margarita and tell them Sara from SCBD sent you! Keep doing your thing Chef Beau!!!! Brunch is from 8-3 every weekend and its located on 40 Concord St in Framingham!

Cheers, it is Taco Tuesday!!!


XO Sara

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