#SCBDFavorite: Cheers to the @SamuelAdamsBeer Tour in Boston!


“I’ve never drank so much beer in one weekend.” Mama G aka Arlene said after we finished our tour at the Sam Adams HQ in Jamaica Plains, Boston, MA. If I was going to Boston I wasn’t drinking wine, I was drinking beer and checking out the local and bigger breweries it had to offer. I’m all about mom and pop businesses but as a Rebel IPA and Octoberfest lover, I had to go to Sam Adams so we got set up and had a tour. 

***By the way, if you haven’t noticed I love my wine, always will but after dating and talking to a few guys who loved beer and just being the explorer I am, I’ve come to appreciate great, craft beers and the stories behind these breweries! I plan on featuring them and more wineries in the blog soon! There are a ton in Jersey that I need to get on here including my singleversary Screaming Hill visit!***


Now back to Mister Adams, here are some facts! The tour is free but they ask for a $2 (yes only $2) donation to the organization they are helping out, which is awesome. Who doesn’t love to drink good beer and help people? Our tour guide was good ole, Giac who was very entertaining and i believe Brandon led it with him! We got the download on the history of Sam Adams, how beer is made (and even taste barley) and then hear about the process and see the tanks. Last leg of the tour ended with a tasting glass and tasting some free beer.


We tasted the original Sam Adams and Octoberfest and because I was able to get a third taste we also got to try the Rebel IPA. I used to think I never liked IPA’s but ever since Fat Tire and Rebel they are growing on me. I also really enjoyed them at another brewery, Mystic we went to while we were up there.

I’d def plan to visit if you haven’t been there yet and love beer while you are in Boston. I’d even go back and check out Doyle’s around the corner, one of the first bars the beer was served it.

The brewery and tour are located at 30 Germania Street, Jamaica Plains, Boston. For more info, click here.

Cheers to delish craft beers and travels! 


XO Sara

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