#SCBDReview: Great Beers and Comfort Food @VictoryBeer #TuesdayBrewsday



So I’m really starting to enjoy these Tuesday Brewsday segments and I love writing about beers on Tuesday’s lately like I love my wine Wednesday’s. It’s officially a “thing” here at SCBD. So as you all may know, and if you don’t you do now– I was out West in Downingtown, PA last week to film with Ty (of Heroes and Brews with Nerdy Dudes) for the Arrow premiere (stay tuned those cocktails may be in separate post so you can drink & watch). But no trip out there is complete without going to World of Beer or Victory Brewing


Last time, I went out there I went to both but this time around we went with Victory after filming and it was amazing! I finally decided to try the Founders Flight which was just as great as I thought it would be. Last time we went I tried a Radler that was a little too sweet for me. The flight contained the Hop Devil, famous Golden Monkey, Prima, Lager, and Storm King porter. My favorites out of the five in this order were Golden Monkey, Prima and the Lager. I had a bit of the Storm King porter and didn’t think it was too shabby. The Hop Devil was bit too hoppy for me.


Of course after a night of a few drinks, I would order pizza. But the pizza at Victory is really good along with everything else on the menu. Last time I went before that I got the Pork Belly Disco Fries– four words I’d like to see on a menu more often. I love disco fries, maybe its a Jersey thing and I love how decadent pork belly is, I took a nap after but it hit the spot. Actually they its called Pork Belly Poutine!  But its delicious so try it! This time, as I mentioned I got the sausage and pepper pizza. If you aren’t big spicy, don’t get it! It has Italian Long Hots but it is a great mix and perfect personal size or to share with friends if you don’t want to be greedy! 

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it! I’m craving a Golden Monkey so bad right now! Happy Tuesday Brewsday! Cheers to trying new beers!

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