#SCBDReview: Quench your thirst with CideRoad Organic Switchel



What is CideRoad Organic Switchel?

CideRoad Organic Switchel is based on an old fashioned drink called switchel. What the heck is switchel? Well switchel a.k.as Haymaker’s Punch, made up of water, mixed w vinegar & often seasoned w ginger. Switchel was once a staple in the colonial times and has now made its way to many stores shelves. As a healthy alternative to energy drinks CideRoad Organic Switchel contains all natural ingredients and has some major health benefits because of this. 

CideRoad is UNDER 70 calories a serving made w all organic ingredients – filtered water, apple cider vinegar, cane syrup, Vermont maple syrup, ginger juice & ginger puree. It currently comes in 3 flavors:

  • Original (Maple & Ginger),
  • Blueberry
  •  Cherry.

Health Benefits:Because of the apple cider vinegar base, CideRoad has tremendous health benefits including, detox, clearing sinuses & congestion, energy boost, as well as help w weight loss, lowering cholesterol and diabetes prevention. It has become known as the “organic hangover cure” packed w electrolytes & all the properties to naturally cure a hangover by re-hydrating the body through it’s ingredients. We are all looking for new and different ways to cure our handovers so why not try an “organic hangover cure”

Pair your CideRoad with breakfast or as a thirst quencher after the gym or on the go CideRoad can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. You can even use CideRoad as a mixer for some tasty cocktails!  If you are feeling like you need a new cocktail well we have a simple cocktail recipe found on Cideroad.com for you to try called Switchel Mule:

Switchel Mule:

3 oz Vodka

3 oz CideRoad original maple & ginger switchel

1 oz seltzer

Garnish with fresh mint and a wedge of lime

For more information on Cide Road Organic Switchel be sure to check out http://cideroad.com/

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