#SCBDFavorite: #TuesdayBrewsday Key Largo Style with @IslamoradaBeer!



Soo, almost two weekend ago I was landed in Miami to head down to Key Largo for a family wedding. As you guys may have realized my love for craft beers has grown substantially lately. And anytime I’m somewhere new I look for the local craft brewery (and winery still). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stop at the brewery itself but when I ate at two restaurants – one in Key West and one in Key Largo. I was able to try two of their beers. The first beer, was the Islamorada Ale. The Islamorada Ale is an Island CItrus Ale and is super smooth and delicious. The other beer I had at the local seafood joint, was an American Wheat Ale– Sandbar Sunday. That was definitely great tasting too! 


Check out more information on the Islamorada Brewery, here.

The craft beer scene is definitely on the come up in Florida.  And I hope I can make my way down there again soon enough to explore it more!

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