#SCBDFavorite: @TroegsBeer #JavaHeadStout #TuesdayBrewsday

Last week at Spirits, we put a few bottles of the Troeg’s Java Head Stout in our singles basket. Don’t worry we have plenty on the floor still. It tastes exactly like coffee and is delicious. If you saw one of my segments, last week. The long one, I demoed making brownies using the stout. Whether they are homemade or semi-homemade like mine, all you have to do to make them is put in less canola oil about 1/4 of it and 1/4 (and maybe a bit more of the stout). You can even booze up the frosting by adding Frangelico (hazelnut liq to the frosting.

It tastes just like a shot of espresso. And is fully packed with flavor. I love what Troegs is doing and can’t wait to try more of there beers. So if you are looking for a beer to try tonight, give it a whirl. Happy Tuesday Brewsday!


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