#DealAlert: Get in Shape in 2017 with IMAXShift


IMAXShift is a brand new immersive indoor cycling studio powered by The IMAX Experience®, where riders can pedal through the solar system, over the coasts of Hawaii, through the streets of Japan, or virtually next to Beyonce’ as the instruction and visuals combine in a seamless workout experience. No two classes are exactly alike as they include a unique combination of music and imagery handcrafted by energy boosting instructors. Each bike’s console gives riders the option to track speed, resistance, and power while getting lost in the out of body calorie burning experience. Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Themed classes are continuously added into the schedule, so there is always something new to experience. They even have a class Thursday at 6:30 is the Drake vs Rihanna Ride, where riders will pedal to the hottest music videos between this, eh, interesting relationship that has everyone talking. 

And good news, if you want to try IMAX this month, classes increase from $1 starting on the first this month, so class today would only be $9! Tomorrow’s classes will be $10 and so on so don’t miss this opportunity!

The actual studio used to be a warehouse where torpedoes were made for WW1, and IMAXShift has converted it into a cycling studio.

Amenities: Showers, locker rooms, free spin shoes.

Regular price: $34 per class. Memberships are available.

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