#SCBDRecipe: Turn Up this Sunday with these #Superbowl Cocktails!

Superbowl is this Sunday and if you’re going to a party or plan on hosting you’re own be sure to grab a bottle of Jose Cuervo or Devotion vodka and sling these delicious cocktails! They are sure to please the crowd and have your party be lit!


Cowboy Margarita

3 parts Jose Cuervo Especial® Gold
3 parts frozen limeade concentrate
Coarse salt (optional)
1 part orange juice
8 parts ice cubes
2 parts beer

Preparation: In a blender, combine all ingredients except salt. Blend on high until smooth and slushy. Serve in salt-rimmed glasses, if desired.

Ginger beer Margarita

1½ parts Jose Cuervo Tradicional® Silver
½ part simple syrup
3 parts ginger beer
1 part fresh lime juice
Coarse salt for lining rim

Preparation: Line a serving glass with fresh lime juice and dip rim in coarse salt. Add Jose Cuervo Tradicional® Silver, simple syrup, ginger beer and lime juice to a large glass with ½ cup ice; stir vigorously. Pour liquid into serving glass with a few ice cubes. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve immediately.

Make any of these cocktails and your party is definitely going to be a hit!


Let us know if you use any of these recipes, we’d love your feedback.


XO Sara

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