#SCBDFITNESS: Learning the basics at #PureBarre Short Hills- an Inside Look at the #Barre @PBShorthills


Did you want to try Pure Barre out, but have been too afraid to start? Well I do have to say, there is nothing to fear! The staff at Pure Barre Short Hills (and Red Bank) are wonderful! They are so helpful, willing to show you what you need to know, and answer any questions you may have! They also offer special classes, as they did this past Saturday at Pure Barre Short Hills. This specific class was Breaking Down the Barre. This class was the perfect beginner class. This workshop was a wonderful motivational and learning class, to take the Barre class back to the start and slowly get back into or to start your Pure Barre Workout.


Pure Barre is an experience everyone needs to have. Not only is it a workout but it is an amazing way to make friends, better yourself mentally, and of course tighten up your body physically. Each class runs 55 minutes- and let me tell you it is 55 minutes well spent! They bump some motivational and fun music throughout the whole class, while the instructor is mic’d up so you can hear her clearly! Some moves you go with the beat of the music, really allowing you to connect with the music and your body.


During the class the instructors are fabulous, walking around and helping everyone individually. With my first class, they already knew my name too! It really motivates when the instructor knows who you are, you are not just a face in the crowed, but rather you are a person with a name. During the class, they encourage you to close your eyes during certain moves. This helps with relaxing into the move as well as being able to focus on your own body and self and really become one with yourself. So many workout classes don’t focus on feeling the move or the stretch, but rather just to get as many as you can do. At Pure Barre, it is different. The focus on having the correct form so you do not injure yourself, they also have each person focus on themselves. It is not a class to ‘show off’ to other people or to do it wrong- but rather a class to feel encouraged, to feel surrounded by peers, and to be motivated to be the best you.

Each move is broken down, they are easy to follow or easy to learn. And as I said above, the instructor will come over and help you when you are unsure of a move. Each transition between the moves is smooth as well. You also do not feel left behind, as each move is easily explained. During each move, you can feel your body give in to the ‘shake’ of the muscle. This is totally normal and actually quite amazing. When you are shaking (they say after the 4th rep) from the workout, it is working! It means the muscle is contracting and you are getting a good workout! None of this should hurt; it should only feel uncomfortable at times because you do have to work for the muscle!


Another tip from the pro’s, if you are finding a certain position hard and you feel like you just can’t do another pulse, they recommend to hold on to it instead of stopping the movement. Deep breaths are key into moving into the exercise or even stretch. These classes are going to be challenging and hard but it is so worth it. In order to transform your body into a healthy strong body, you need to work and not give up. The motivation and the encouragement from the staff at Pure Barre are there to help!


I took my first class at Pure Barre Short Hills, and I am so happy I did. From the moment I walked in until the moment I left, I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Everyone attending the class as well as the staff really made my first experience the best. Being new, they explained how it works and even helped me set up. So if you can’t make it to a intro class or workshop- fear not just go in and do your best! I grabbed two 2lb dumbbells, a Pure Barre Double tubing, and a Pure Bare Ball.


I will be attending these classes for the next month, and I am going to update on my experience and my result. I already am addicted, and can’t wait to fit the class into my schedule! They have great hours as well, so there are options to what time of day you can find time to work out. Keep following myself and Sara for some great tips, special promotion, special events, and how we are enjoying our Pure Barre Workout at Short Hills and Red Bank! I already feel so great, that I know I will be stronger physically and mentally at the end of my workouts!

Remember, to follow Sara, Kristen, and Small Chick Big Deals for all the updates, and of course Pure Barre Short Hills and Pure Barre Red Bank!


We will see you at the Barre!

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