#SCBDFavorite: Please Yourself this Valentines Day…

If you’ve followed me for awhile now I have no shame that I have a naughty side but I’m also well aware that I don’t need a man to get off by myself. Over the passed few months I’ve been sent a few toys that are top knotch and if you don’t have a man or don’t want to use your hand, you can still get a some satisfaction this Valentine’s Day.

Lily 2 by Lelo: If you’re new to the vibe game, I highly recommend this one. It’s small so you can hide it, smells amazing and has plenty of vibration options whether you are using it on yourself or with someone else. Read my full article, here. Treat yourself and buy it here, $139.00

Liv2 by Lelo:  Liv was my first penis shaped stimulator. It’s great because it goes in multiple speeds plus like Lily its waterproof and rechargeable. It definitely gives you please where you need it. Treat yourself and buy it here, $139.

Umie by Tantriss: This newbie is a game changer. It has multiple ways to stimulate and satisfy including a heat setting you can change by pushing buttons or wirelessly via the Umie app. “UMIE heightens sensations by uniting vibration and heat with a sleek ergonomic design, all combining together to achieve lifelike sensations that evoke an enlightening intimate release.” This is my personal newest toy and I can’t wait to play with it more. Treat yourself, $149. Buy it here.

This year not only am I working on looking hot, I’m fully not ashamed to use a vibrator by myself or whoever I play with. Whoever said you still can’t have a fun Valentine’s Day by yourself is wrong. Also stay tuned for my full reviews on Umie and Liv 2. 

Love yourself first XO




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