#SCBDReview: Datebox Sushi Edition with @PinkLipsHope


I love sushi. It’s a healthy fish and doesn’t consist of millions of calories. I would eat it once a day if possible, but I’d get tired of it fast.

So, when I received Datebox Sushi in the mail, I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait to make this meal with my husband. We always make our own food, but this kit came with everything – except the protein.

The kit came with: sushi rice, two tiny bowls for dipping, rice vinegar, sushi rolls, and a bamboo sushi rolling mat. As for making it, I’ve learned I’m not a sushi connoisseur (that’s for sure!)

I believe I overcooked the rice and also made it a little soggy. When making this recipe, please follow the recipe to the tee because sushi for the first time can be a little difficult. My husband and I did enjoy each other’s company though.

Also, for me, it was hard to roll the sushi on the bamboo mat. Again, I believe I must have skipped a step. I guarantee it will not be as hard for you as it was for me. Like I said, I’m obsessed with sushi and you’d think my self-conscious would jump in for a bit to make me an expert. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It didn’t come out exactly how we wanted it to, but it was definitely fun making something new for a change.

I would recommend you trying this Datebox. Maybe you’ll have more luck than we did. Sushi is amazing food and making this with your significant other is even better! So, try it!

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