#SCBDReflection: Dear Beautiful…

Dear Beautiful,

I’m writing this letter to you, because you need to be reminded that you are not only gorgeous on the outside but you have a heart of gold. You are capable of achieving your dreams and doing amazing things in this world. Please don’t forget that. And don’t let anyone or anything keep you from serving and living your purpose.

First off, I know you thought you’d be settled down and married by now. But it’s okay, that’s not the life you’re meant to settled for. There are oceans you have to see, paths you have to cross and adventures to be had. And there are goals you still have yet to slay.


You just have to believe that and believe in yourself and understand how powerful you can be and all that you offer. 

You’ve taught yourself more than most and fill anything that you touch with an enormous amount of passion, which some can’t handle because its so big. But you touch everyone you meet in a magical way and that is also your power.

Life is rough and tough but you are strong enough to get through it and succeed. 

Please don’t sell yourself short any longer and acknowledge all the amazing things you bring to the table and heck you make the table sometimes. Don’t let anyone sway you otherwise.

You have a purpose. You found your purpose. Now it’s time to get uncomfortable and really GROW in it. Yes, it won’t be easy. Some nights will be lonely but you’re finally learning the greatest, well two greatest relationships you’ll ever have– loving God and trusting Him and loving yourself completely. You have a huge fire for what you love, that can be unstoppable. Don’t let anyone unworthy of your time try to cease it.

Trust me, nothing worth having comes easy and you’ll be thankful and see so much clarity after this season. Put in the work, rest in God’s promise for you, and believe that amazing things can happen with a whole bunch of hard work and hustle and some sacrifices. You’re worth so much more than you know and I hate to see you settle for anything half-ass or mediocre. 

When the time is right, I promise you it’ll fall effortlessly in your lap and the effort will be matched, if not doubled. It won’t be forced like times before and you’ll know. But until then, you have your baby (business) to slay, yourself to take care of and other things that take precedence. Patience baby, patience. 

This letter is for anyone powerful woman who is dealing with some struggles and are currently in a rough season. You are worth so much more than what you are dealing with and are so strong. Please continue to thrive and stay focused throughout the rough patches. Focus on everything you are building and continue to work hard, it’ll pay off.

Keep your head up, we got this…


Love, light, and happiness. 

XO Sara







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