#SCBDFitness: When the #SCBDTeam took on #CKOJackson… #WorkoutWednesday

In case you missed it on social media SCBD team member, Hope and I took a class together at CKO  Jackson before she left me for Greenville, SC. Hope has always been a fitness writer of mine since she started writing for SCBD and since I’ve started to own fitness in my own life I figured it was the perfect bonding opportunity for us. #friendshipgoals

We took Anthony’s Thursday night 7:15pm class. Hope learned quickly that the classes I’ve been taking at CKO were super challenging and we both couldn’t believe how many burpees we did that night. Anthony has a MMA back round and focuses a lot fighting techniques and defense. Along with the typical cardio and weight training we already do in class. We also met the other instruuctor Kevin after (photo credit goes to him).

If you’ve never taken kickboxing before I highly recommend you try it. Luckily Hope took some classes before so she wasn’t completely lost for class. But it definitely pushed her. Of course I had my crazy smile on during class, I love a challenge and I love the fact that she wasn’t expecting it. Another reason why I love CKO one way or another I’m being challenged in class. Just when I think I got it, we do an exercise I have to learn and ease into or something I need to work on.

I can’t wait to get my butt to Deanna’s class today and hope I can keep kickboxing through my current situation. Hopefully Hope and I can hit the bag again together. It really is the best stress reliever for me and I’ve never had any instructor at CKO Jackson give up on me. They only push me to be a better person and mold my body to be healthier.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up quick? Have you tried a class at CKO Jackson yet? Feel free to reach out to me and take a class with me and don’t forget to mention SCBD sent you if you go on your own!

Keep pushing, fighting and getting better and happy Workout Wednesday!

XO Sara

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