And so it begins, an intro to the detox diaries…


Last month, my life changed in a big way. I was already working on drinking less, and starting to get back to my church because I knew God could help me with the pain i was going through. I masked it on all my last few demo episodes but I was pretty upset with certain things and heartbroken. I looked to every way the world said I’d feel better to help but it only made it worst. Then I had a big life changing event happen that forced me to commit to being sober and by my choice I clung to my church and leaning on God and trusting in Jesus to help me through my trials, recovery and most important healing my heart. 

But through all of this, I’ve been able to see so much clarity especially with my sobriety. Seeing who was there for the party and left once it ended. And most important the people who have been supportive through this new race I’m running. Well pacing my way through. 

Since I’m going through this personal hiatus I’ve taken a break from Facebook live– for now. Don’t worry I still have some projects and changes up my sleeve. But they are starting with these YouTube mini docs and series. On Sunday’s I’ll be posting a video W.O.E (Word of Encouragement), every other Tuesday will be the Detox Diaries (first episode is below), and Wednesday’s I’ll be posting some inspiration and truth to Feed Yo Soul.  I want to ease into everything and really see where God wants to take me with this. 


As always, I thank you all for the support through this journey and being open to everything I post. Can’t wait to gradually reveal all the changes, new projects and more I have coming out. You’re only getting a little glimpse of it and my God is this vision and rebrand big. But anything worth having takes time, nurturing and patience and of course loving God and loving myself are priority at times.

You’re forever fearless blogger/bossbabe,


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