Words of Encouragement: His love endures FOREVER…

Hey guys, Sara here again! I was going to post a review on my new hair and the product I used but I feel called to continue to get deeper with you guys. Before I posted the new Words of Encouragement I prayed for the right verse to share. And I opened my bible to a verse I used to recite in Temple growing up, Psalms 136.  This verse God reveals to us that through it all, His love endures forever. 

It hit me so hard and right in my heart. That no matter what happens, He loves me. I’m learning more and more to let him steer the wheel and to be “backseat driver” in my faith. I used to complain that not enough people surprised me and putting my faith in God to see what He’s doing with me next, how he can use me and what’s in store for my future has to be the best yet. I admit, I have my issues and its not easy but I know its worth it.  Also believing that I have a bigger purpose in store and I know I can only see that if I honor and follow him. 

I hope you guys enjoy the video and most importantly the message. I promise no matter how broken or hurt you are, there is so much joy to see in the world and God has a purpose in it. 

Here’s to praying without ceasing and laying it on the cross. <3 His love endures FOREVER <3 

Check out the full video here:

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